At the age of seven, Marcia Wendel sold her first painting at the prestigious Norton Museum of Art in Palm Beach, FL. There is no doubt that Marcia had an inherent penchant for the arts. She grew up surrounded by extensive exposure to art and design. Her mother, Jane Wendel, was a highly regarded interior designer in Palm Beach with the majority of her clients listed in the Fortune 500. Over the years, they traveled to Europe meeting and designing furniture and accessories with Italian artisans.

After college, Marcia became an artist for the Florida Natural History Museum painting panoramas for the permanent exhibits. The curators and scientists expected all the images that she painted to be exact... down to the last feather which appealed to her love of accuracy and detail.

Austin, TX was her home for 16 years. Marcia received a commission from the Hyatt Regency Hotel in downtown Austin. This 33' long x 5' high panel of cowboys moving Long Horn cattle along the range set off her 22 year career as a muralist. After returning to Florida, her themes ranged from Kentucky thoroughbred farms to golf course landscapes to the Florida Everglades featuring the tropical fauna and wildlife.

Her murals are found in numerous exclusive country clubs and private homes throughout the US and Europe. She gets just as much pleasure researching extensively for each project as she does from the hands on execution of the work itself.

Family vacations in Big Sky, Montana wooed her permanently to Bozeman in 2007, where she quickly established herself as a Rocky Mountain wildlife artist. Marcia signature is an enhancement of her paintings with the sophisticated, decorative art designs of Montana's Indian Nations into her scenes, including quotes from the crow and Blackfeet chief.

When asked "What she gained?" from her move to Bozeman, MT, she replies "Altitude, of course, but also a new perspective and a deep appreciation for the irrepressible, untamed power of nature. I have become obsessed with capturing mere whispers of that energy in motion onto my canvas, and when that happens, it's lightning in a bottle. It's thrilling. Magical. There's no feeling like it."

"At long last, I have found my true home, where I truly belong," she said recently in an interview. "I will always be in pursuit of capturing the elusive beauty of the Rockies and it's wildlife within my art. And for me, that is the art of living well."

Clients include boldface name such as Michael Dell, Jimmy and Jane Buffett, Rush Limbaugh, Rod Stewart, Becky Fonda, and the Honorable Lloyd George.